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Security AnD Compliance Standards

Security is our priority with CaseOpp. Since we are built on handling legal cases safely and efficiently, we make sure our software’s security is top-notch to protect clients and our partnering firms.

We Design with Security in Mind

CaseOpp is custom-built, every aspect of the design created with only the best security measures. Our software is backed by top-of-the-line cloud-based service providers, each at enterprise level accounts. This ensures CaseOpp data is not only secure but backed-up and encrypted.

Compliance is Key

Many legal cases involve health care organizations. To accommodate this, we maintain Business Associate Agreements, or BAA’s, with all of our service providers to ensure HIPPA compliance.

Secure Data

All data stays secure while both in transit across networks using end-to-end encryption as well as when “at rest” in the database. Databases are isolated in virtual private clouds (VPCs) with dedicated firewalls with only our application server IPs whitelisted.

It’s All in the Details

We use a high-end, certified Identity Provider to ensure robust user access security. In addition to this, we use Role Based user authorization protocols to make sure all users are authenticated and authorized to access each part of our applications. With our database provider, we employ “Point in Time” backups and exhaustive logging to ensure we have redundant systems in place for should there be any unforeseen data loss or corruption events.

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